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Moribele Medical Laboratories (M2L) story is one of triumph and commitment which all began in 2011 when the first Moribele Medical Laboratories opened its doors in Polokwane. The laboratory is now an established entity providing private patients healthcare services in and around Polokwane. With a solid foundation on which to build, the group intends to establish a greater presence in the province as well as to expand further across into South Africas provinces. Moribele Medical Laboratories is committed to assist creating a healthy nation, focused on helping your doctor with diagnosis, treatment and monitoring services that are easier on your pocket and your medical aid funds. We believe in the patient charter, which bestows rights and responsibilities on you- the consumer. You have the right to request your doctor to stretch your medical rand, ensure that your funds goes a longer way to serve you; hence you could request that your specimens be sent to an affordable service provider, just like requesting or using generic medicines. Moribele Medical Laboratories operates in the private healthcare environment and offers (laboratory) pathology services for the general practitioners and other specialist health services providers. We are an independent medical laboratory providing pathology services, owned and run by medical technologists to provide quality, efficient and reliable diagnostic pathology services at affordable prices.